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Setting the Right Tone…

July 4, 2011

So I’d heard quite a few good things about the television series Fringe.  The consensus seemed to be that it may have started off with a rocky first season that tried to balance an episodic procedural crime show with a satisfying overarching narrative arc, all overshadowed by wacky paranormal science fiction, but over time it only got better and better.

So I decided to check it out, and was happy to find it on rental at my local video store.  I put down my pocket-money and borrowed it, and was quickly drawn into the eerie and surprisingly complex world of the FBI fringe science division, full of science gone wrong, secretive organisations, psychoactive drugs, otherworldly observers, eating licorice at the morgue and forbiding patterns foreshadowing a grim future and an alternate world.

But the inside of the DVD case didn’t exactly… uh… set the right tone.

So maybe Hannah Montana is actually part of the first wave of evil from that parallel universe.  She does change her physical appearances after all…  😮

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